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Healing Through The Heart

Jill Ann Marks, M.A
Licensed Psychologist

Jill Ann Marks is a pioneer in the evolving art and science of Holistic Psychology.  Her private practice in Holistic Psychology and Lifeskills Coaching is called “Healing Through The Heart.”  She facilitates healing and transformation through self development, lifeskills, empowerment, and conscious living.  Jill does therapy, teaching and training for individuals, couples, families and groups.  Jill brings over 35 years of personal development, professional training, community activism and life experiences to her work.

            Family challenges, life crises and her own health concerns led Jill into exploring complementary and alternative approaches when conventional medicine couldn’t provide her with enough answers.  She has been on a journey of personal growth and development since her teen years and has discovered and created many lifeskills, powertools, and techniques that have helped her and others heal, develop and grow.

            After attending the University of Colorado for 1-1/2 years, Jill graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BS degree in Elementary and Special Education.  She taught Special Education in the Minneapolis Public Schools until she began a family.  After having four children, she went back to school and completed her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from the Alfred Adler Institute and became a Licensed Psychologist.

            A thirst for knowledge and her holistic perspective has kept Jill on the cutting edge of current research and techniques.  She continues to pursue advanced training in brain chemistry and function, depressive and anxiety disorders, bereavement and numerous mind-body-spirit healing modalities.  She uses many innovative therapies including EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), Thought Field Therapy, Specialized Kinesiology, Energy Medicine, Guided Imagery, Emotional Stress Release and more.  Jill uses a combination of traditional, alternative and complementary therapies to provide an individualized experience for each client.  Jill creates a safe and supportive environment for her clients to heal and grow.

            Jill’s daughter Jami died of suicide at the age of 21.  Jill and her family were able to turn this tragedy into an opportunity to heal and help others.  They created a special fund in Jami’s memory and Jill created a pin to support and honor people with brain disorders and “Bring the Light of Awareness to the Darkness of Depression.”  There is also a website that has more information about Jami, the fund, the pin, and numerous links and resources about suicide, mental health, & grief.  (To find out more, visit www.CANDLESPIN.info)

            One of Jill’s sons suffered a traumatic brain injury at age 13 and was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at the age of 22.  His experiences and those of other family members have contributed to her quest for understanding the brain and brain disorders.

            As a community activist, Jill supports many organizations through leadership and membership.  She speaks and teaches in the community about a wide range of topics, especially about brain disorders, suicide prevention, growing through grief, holistic health and lifeskills.

            In the fall of 2003, there was an article written about Jill in “Voices of SAVE,” the newsletter of SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education).” (click here to read the article)

            In 2004, Jill was the recipient of The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota “Champions of Health Award” for her work in youth suicide prevention.  This program recognizes the efforts of individuals and organizations to make a healthy difference in their community.

            A documentary called “Fierce Goodbye…Living in The Shadow of Suicide,” was aired in August of 2004 on The Hallmark Channel.  Jill was featured along with Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison, Judy Collins and other families who have lost a loved one to suicide.  There is an extensive web site with information about the documentary, suicide prevention, and coping after a loss.

(For more information go to www.FierceGoodbye.com)

            The video entitled “Suicide Awareness and Prevention” includes several scenes of Jill speaking to students.  This video is part of “The Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds” series of The Hazelden Foundation (visit www.Hazelden.org for more information).  Jill’s voice is on 2 Public Service Announcements on the C.D. entitled “Glimpses of Hope – Finding Hope and Healing after the Death of a Loved One” produced by Mennonite Media in Harrisburg VA. (For more information go to www.mennomedia.org)

            Jill enjoys being out in nature, hiking, art and music, reading, writing and continuing her education.  She brings compassion, creativity, a positive outlook and humor to all that she does.  She is a person who has learned how to transform tragedy into triumph.

            Jill recognizes that her own personal journey of growth and healing has enhanced her professional practice and her professional work impacts her personal growth.  Jill is committed to personal and planetary transformation and Healing Through The Heart.