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Healing Through The Heart
What is Holistic Psychology?
Holistic Psychology is a discipline that promotes healing and development of the whole person instead of focusing on their illness or challenges. It encourages integration and balance of the person’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, behavioral and relational aspects. Combination of traditional, alternative and complementary therapies are used to enhance learning experiences and promote healing and growth. The client is encouraged to increase self awareness, self responsibility and self care.

What is Lifeskills Coaching?
Lifeskills coaching trains people in a variety of skills, tools and techniques to help them manage life challenges and illness more effectively. These skills help people manage stress, decrease anxiety and depression, improve health and emotional well-being, manage life transitions and thrive through illness. Research proven skills are learned which include guided imagery, self-hypnosis, biofeedback, breath work, meditation, brain exercises and more. Lifeskills are presented during individual sessions and are also offered in a group setting. Lifeskills Groups are small groups that meet for two hours a week for six weeks. There is a separate brochure available about Lifeskills Groups For Effective Living.

What are the goals of Holistic Psychology and Lifeskills Coaching?
Goals are created by the client and facilitator to bring focus and clarity to the learning experience. There is an emphasis on transforming the whole person, in addition to solving a current problem, eliminating a symptom, moving through a crisis or healing a deeper issue from the past. It is essential to increase self responsibility and self care in order to promote healing, prevent disease, maintain health and live more effectively.

What is the role of a Holistic Psychologist and Life Skills Coach?
Jill sees her role as a facilitator who can provide support, guidance and experiences to help her clients determine and achieve their goals. She provides an atmosphere of acceptance and safety, encouragement and validation. Jill helps clients achieve their goals, whether it is to resolve a simple problem or to do deep transformative work. Jill empowers her clients to heal, develop and consciously live as their healthy authentic selves.  

What is the role of the client?
The client is empowered to access his or her own wisdom and to actively participate in the healing process.  The client is encouraged to increase personal responsibility and self care and to practice learning activities and skills between sessions.  An open mind and willingness to listen to new ideas, learn new skills and make different choices will help the client to achieve his or her goals. 

What Therapies Are Used?
Jill is a licensed psychologist with a M.A. in counseling psychology and a B.S. in elementary and special education. She continues to pursue advanced training in brain chemistry and function, depressive and anxiety disorders, bereavement and numerous mind-body-spirit healing modalities. She uses many innovative therapies including EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), Thought Field Therapy, Specialized Kinesiology, Energy Medicine, Guided Imagery, Emotional Stress Release and more. Jill uses a combination of traditional, alternative and complementary therapies to provide an individualized experience for each client.

For more information or to schedule an appointment,
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